Herculese Titans: Setting goals and reaching them

After a tough loss, Dean Grecco, head coach for the Hercules Titans in Hercules, CA tells his team to  “Keep grinding! The goal is still within reach!”  But unlike last season the Titans are on a winning streak and goals are definitely being reached. Senior brothers Zaren and Zach Crockett are right in the midst of the excitement. “It’s been hype around the school,” says Zach. “Everyone is hype for the game.”

And hype they should be. As the season enters week nine they are 5-3 overall and 3-0 in their region putting their team in the number one position with the Tri-County – Stone League.  Zaren Crockett says he and the team are all mentally ready. “We know there is something big on the line,” admits Zaren. “My mentality going into the championship game this Friday is to go out there and light up the field.”

Check out a few highlights from the Zach and Zaren below.

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