Twin Grinders Ready To Compete


No letting up,  8th graders (c/o 2027) Jake and Zach Ruminski from Charlotte, North Carolina can hardly contain their excitement about playing high school football next season. These twin brothers have been dedicated to the sport for years, and are thrilled to be taking the next step in their careers.

Jacob “Jake” Ruminski, MLB, OLB & LS , have been working hard all season to improve his strength and speed. Jake knows football requires no let up, and he’s determined to make an even bigger impact on the field this season.

Zachary “Zach” Ruminski , OT/OG & DT/DE, working equally as hard , Zach is determined to go hard in the off season and impress a few college coaches at football camps this summer. This young grinder is looking forward to making a name for himself on the camp circuit this summer and gaining the attention of college coaches.

The Ruminski brothers can’t wait to see what they can accomplish at the high school level. They’re looking forward to facing tougher competition and making their mark as leaders on and off the field.

With their hard work and dedication, Jake and Zach are poised for a successful high school football career. Their teammates and coaches are confident that they will be key contributors to the team’s success, and are excited to see what they can achieve on the field this season.

When the twins are not playing football they truly enjoy UNGRINDING at the swimming pool with their grandparents. For this formidable duo it’s about faith, family and then football.

Keep Grinding Jake and Zach

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