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  • 2026 Wesley Winn2026 Wesley Winn
  • 2025 Picasso Ruiz2025 Picasso Ruiz
  • 2028 Austan Cristiaan2028 Austan Cristiaan
  • 2030 Jabril Perry2030 Jabril Perry
  • 2026 Noel Butler2026 Noel Butler
  • 2022 Jordan Davis2022 Jordan Davis
  • 2025 Trenton Davis2025 Trenton Davis
  • 2029 Landen Guerra2029 Landen Guerra
  • 2029 Johnny Fajardo2029 Johnny Fajardo
  • 2026 Jamil Stephens2026 Jamil Stephens


It takes a village, right? One of the most important indicators of a great student athlete is the team that surrounds them. We have a national database of influencers that cover every dynamic of a student athlete wanting to take his/her talents to the next level. We are represented by trainers, current and former coaches, current and former pro athletes, and industry professionals from across the nation.

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Isaac Carney and IMG Teammates Ride Momentum to Two National Championships

Living in a state where the “Oklahoma Drill” is a household word, all sports take a back seat to football. However, Oklahoma has seen its share of prominent high school […]

Committed to the Grind

If you want to one day participate on a collegiate athletic team then mastering social media is a must in today’s time. One in five student athletes use social media […]

Why I Grind: Michael Clayton

One question we often ask our Play Book athletes is “Why do you grind?” Often the answers are short and straight to the point. “I grind to make my family […]

Fun Healthy Eating for Athletes-Mexican Style

There’s no denying that Mexican food is delicious. But did you know that many of the dishes can be very healthy? If you’re an athlete like Camron Cooper, that absolutely […]


One of the most exciting moments for a student-athlete is receiving a verbal scholarship offer.  However, nothing is official until you sign the National Letter of Intent. On February 3, […]

Have You Gotten Yours?

Although the school start date may still be undecided for some areas, many young athletes will start preseason practices for fall sports. Prior to the start of preseason, all young […]

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