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Luke Carney…Destined for Greatness

2025 QB LUKE CARNEY Grabbing his cleats, shoulder pads and favorite Nike ball before practice was the norm for Luke during his youth days in football-crazed Tulsa, Oklahoma. Going to […]

The Grind of Michi Holley and a Life Lesson from Anime

We believe that the sole purpose of the world-renowned Anime is to entertain its viewers. However one can also reasonably infer that an ulterior motive is to teach some sort […]

Payton Alberts Gets a Chance of a Lifetime

At the National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF) National Security, students have an opportunity to talk directly with national security experts. They also learn about the latest intelligence strategies, and experience […]

Isaac Carney and IMG Teammates Ride Momentum to Two National Championships

Living in a state where the “Oklahoma Drill” is a household word, all sports take a back seat to football. However, Oklahoma has seen its share of prominent high school […]

Committed to the Grind

If you want to one day participate on a collegiate athletic team then mastering social media is a must in today’s time. One in five student athletes use social media […]

Why I Grind: Michael Clayton

One question we often ask our Play Book athletes is “Why do you grind?” Often the answers are short and straight to the point. “I grind to make my family […]

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It takes a village, right? One of the most important indicators of a great student athlete is the team that surrounds them. We have a national database of influencers that cover every dynamic of a student athlete wanting to take his/her talents to the next level.


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