Bryson Riggins – Taking Advantage of the Opportunities That He’s Worked Hard to Earn

Part of growing up in life is learning to take advantage of opportunities when they are presented to you. This can especially be true on the football field, where situations can change at a moment’s notice. Between injuries, coaching decisions, and even opponents, players have to be prepared to go at all times. “Next man up” is a popular phrase on the football field and a phrase that Bryson Riggins heard early on in his football career.

Riggins had been preparing for this moment since he was six years old. The sophomore quarterback had grown used to being in the spotlight as the starting quarterback almost his entire life, but you have to earn your stripes to be named QB1 at the high school level. Riggins did this, and did it quickly. After transferring to Russell County High school in Seale, AL this season, the gunslinger entered practice in a very unfamiliar place as the third string quarterback. Not expecting anything to be handed to him on a silver platter, he put his head down and went to work.

It took barely a game and half for Riggins to have his number called and he hasn’t looked back since.In just eight and a half games the sophomore quarterback threw for over 2000 yards and 25 touchdowns. He also grew into becoming a terrific leader on the field and in the locker room. PlayBook Athlete spoke with Riggins’ head coach Dylan Griggs about what he means to the Russell County football program.

“He’s a blessing to have on the team. Bryson  works hard every day. He’s highly intelligent and it’s just a  blessing to have him. I look forward to watching his growth. It’s been great to watch him throw for over 2000 yards this season, and I hope he throws for 3000 next season. He’s a hard worker and does things the right way,” Griggs said.

Riggins’ 2,067 yards passing was good enough for the seventh most yards in Alabama Class 6A football. That puts him second among sophomores in 6A. His 25 touchdowns places him tied for the 5th most in 6A and tied for first among the sophomore quarterbacks in that class. Even more important, he is a model student and leader amongst his peers.

Riggins saved the best for last, throwing for 288 yards and 6 touchdowns in the last game of the season. He was named East Alabama Player of the Week after this accomplishment. While we are still trying to confirm, it looks like the six touchdowns in one game is a school record. Of course showing out on the football field like this brings attention from college football programs across the country, which sometimes can make life hectic for a student-athlete. Riggins is taking it in stride with tremendous support from his parents and his coaches. In fact, he is coming off of a big visit to the University of South Carolina.

All of these stats and accolades are great for a high school football player looking to eventually continue their career at the next level, but the first thing college coaches ask about prospects is what they’re like as a person. In this case we can say without a shadow of a doubt that Bryson Riggins is not only a good football player, but just a great human being. It’s easy to tell that this young man is being raised the right way.

Get to know Bryson Riggins the football player even more through this Q&A:

What made you want to play the quarterback position, the most important position on the field?

“I wanted to be able to touch the ball every play and share it with my teammates and the qb position does all that. Most importantly playing qb challenges me to lead and be in control of the game at all times. It has also made me a better person outside of football.”

What did it feel like when your coach gave you the news in the second game that you’d be going in the game?

“I was very excited for the opportunity because I waited patiently for it. I have also been training for this moment since I was 6 years old. With me that moment was simple, it was finally GO TIME.”

What did you learn from this season?

“I learned a lot this season. Mainly that we have a lot of small things to work on in the off-season. This team has lots of potential and we have a chance to be really good next season if we all lock in and play for each other. Playing 6A football is competitive so we have to take film work, weight training, and practice very seriously every day to get better.”

What colleges are you talking to? Do you have any visits planned?

“I’ve been on lots of visits and tons of camps. I have visits set up for South Carolina and Florida State. I won’t name drop on schools or coaches I’ve been in contact with, but just know that I have a long way to go and I’m up for the challenge.”

What are your plans for the offseason?

“My plan for the off season are to get stronger, faster, perfect my mechanics, and the mental aspects of the QB position”

What are your goals for next season?

“My goals for next season are to be better as a leader, teammate, and quarterback, to lead my team to the playoffs, break my own records from this year, and most of all have less turnovers  I forced some things this year and tried to do a bit too much at times, but I learned to let the game come to me. My coaches (Spivey, Brazell, Young, and of course Griggs) got on me immediately after those bad decisions, but they all put their arms around me and demanded I learn from my mistakes and move on.”

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