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Roughly 8 million kids across America commit themselves each year to play high school sports. For a college program to evaluate each of these athletes before signing day, a coach would have to see 21,917 athletes a day. Subtract the ten federal holidays, the 120-day football season, and of course the 31-day “dead period”, and now you’re left with roughly 204 days for college programs to evaluate 50,000 athletes per day. Nervous yet?… Don’t be… Welcome to The Play Book Network! Born out the idea that exposure leads to opportunity, and driven by the passion and commitment to see you play on the next level; the Play Book puts your content on the menu of college programs across the nation. While it is unrealistic for college programs to assess 8 million athletes, be sure that you are one of the ones that comes across their desk. Join the network today…your future depends on it! #GetOnTheMap #WhyIGrind

Why I Grind

Is it for the shear love of the game?  Is it because the well-being of your family is hinged on your scholastic or academic success?  Perhaps it is because you want to be the greatest player that ever laced up a pair of cleats.  Time to pull the curtain back and let the sports world see why it is you do what you do. Set yourself apart from your peers by giving college programs a little insight into the behind the scenes of structure. A campaign like no other, the “Why I Grind” campaign speaks directly to position coaches and gives them a feel on the type of athlete and person they are recruiting. “Because my life depends on it…” Tell the nation why you grind and exactly what fuels your motivation.  We want to hear from you! #WhyIGrind


“When I moved to the area, I knew I needed a trainer but didn’t know how to find one or which ones were even credible…” In a market that’s flooded with posers and those that just want to suck the dollars out of unsuspecting parents, The Play Book allows you to emerge past all of the other guys and stand on your own stage where you can thrive. Join our new “Get on the Map” campaign and instantly find yourself at the fingertips of athletes in your area and surrounding areas. Be the answer to the question, “Where can I find a good trainer”? Build a client base that warrants your time and efforts. Be a part of the Play Book Network and grow your brand at the same time. #GetOnTheMap #WhyIGrind


The key to business success is location and product placement. While you already have an excellent product or service, the audience that sees it or that has access to it is challenged. With the world almost completely digital now and with consumers turning to online shopping, the need to add a digital spin to your repertoire increases with every click. Something simple yet increasingly effective, let the Play Book’s “Get on the Map” campaign go to work for you. As our users (spanning 2 million strong and growing daily) click through our applications or access our media platforms, let them see your brand and links. Taking advantage of every feature recently integrated, users can search using keywords pointing them to your content. Easy to get started and even easier to maintain, join the campaign today and increase your traffic within a few clicks.

About Us

One things for sure when it comes to describing the Play Book Network; commitment and dedication flood our halls and run throughout every nook and cranny of our organization. We are committed to providing the ultimate level of exposure to our athletes, coaches, trainers, and businesses. Where we are today is not where we will be next year! We are constantly evolving to ensure that we are adapting the latest technology to further promote our base. So sit back and enjoy us, take us for a test drive…but get comfortable, because you’re going to like what you see! We are The Play Book!