Why I Grind: Michael Clayton

One question we often ask our Play Book athletes is “Why do you grind?” Often the answers are short and straight to the point. “I grind to make my family proud.” “I grind to be the best I can be.” There are even some that say they work hard to be able to play their sport at the college and professional level. But for some, like 14-year-old Michael Clayton, the less than 10 words just doesn’t work.I grind because the love of the game,” he says. Many in his family played sports and he was even born on Super Bowl Sunday.

“My big brother played football. I want and need to be the best and I’ve been blessed with so much talent that I can’t let it go to waste.”

Michael says he continues to think about how he can be better than the next person. He knows that if he puts his all into his craft then he can make and be able to say that he gave his all.  

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