Play Book Athletes Are Not Losing Momentum

It can be challenging for athletes to maintain fitness and nutrition during these times. The deadly Coronavirus that has threatened the world and quarantined it has caused the cancellation of a number of events and has forced athletes to be closed off from their normal training and practice routines.

Twelve-year-old QB Marco Macaluso III gets in a little daily exercise by tossing the pig skin around in his New York neighborhood. Right before schools in Marco’s city were closed he was celebrating becoming a member of his schools track team. Now all of the parks with tracks have been closed and it as made it difficult for him to engage in his normal activities in order to stay in shape. “There are so many people walking in the streets,” he said. “You don’t want to breathe the air even after they instituted the covering face and nose outside. But we went through all our training equipment to inventory what we have and what I need to keep my skill level where it should be.”

Marco’s goal is to be in the best shape so that when it is go time, he’ll be 100% ready even if he has to wear full personal protective equipment outside to do it.

Take a look at 11-year-old QB  Trae Taylor whose motto is “NEVER BE OUTWORKED”. Whether it’s getting in some arm time in the yard of his Illinois home or a vigorous workout in his home garage with his mom, he says he is staying focused on his mission. “My parents have been really supportive,” he says. “They turned my garage into a gym and now park their cars outside. They workout with me and my dad catches for me now since I don’t have a wide receiver.”

It’s clear that these young quarterbacks are not letting the woes of the world today stop them from continuing to work and improve their craft.

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