New Season…Harder Grind: Getting to know Kaderrious McCray

He has always been drawn to it. Even at the young age of six-years-old he knew what he wanted to do and it has turned out to be one of the things he loves most. The “he” is Kaderrious McCray of Enterprise High School in Enterprise, Alabama.  And the “it”….you guessed correctly, football.

It’s senior year for the 6-foot, 210 pound middle linebacker and after a 10-month healing process, from tearing his ACL and both of is Menisci, he says he’s ready to go full throttle and let them feel the pain. “I always battle through,” he stated. “I come back stronger and hungrier though.”

So what else is there to know about this spectacular athlete? Play Book Athlete sat down with Kaderrious to gather a little more insight.

PB Athlete: What was the most difficult time while playing football?

KM:  “The most difficult time was probably when my team kept losing back to back games, it made it really hard to want to play football anymore.”

PB Athlete: What college do you aspire to attend?

KM: “I’d love to go to the University of Alabama.”

PB Athlete: What is your passion outside of football?

KM: “I love love love kids. Every second I’m around them just makes my heart feel so light and full of love for them. So anytime I see a baby, I always freak out because I just love them that much.”

PB Athlete: What are game days like for you?

KM: “Game days are pretty structured, not carefree at all. I like having some alone time, I might watch Netflix, listen to music or even read a book, it always just helps me stay mellowed out.”

PB Athlete: What was your most embarrassing athletic moment?

KM:  “My most embarrassing athletic moment was probably getting juked out by a QB in a game.”

PB Athlete: Who is your biggest athletic influence?

KM: “Julio Jones is probably my biggest athletic influence, he just goes out and dominates any opponent in front of him without saying a word. Players in the NFL talk about how quiet he is on the field and that’s how I strive to be: silent but deadly.”

Kaderruious says he’s expecting the best season he’s ever had, along with his team. It’s his senior year, so it’s “go big or go home”.