Marion Lukes: Just Doing What He Does Best

The Leading Rusher in the Nation

by Joyce Oscar



When you think about great college running backs, I’m certain quite a few come to mind like Devin Singletary of Florida Atlantic, Rodney Anderson of Oklahoma and J.K. Dobbins of Ohio State. In a couple of years the name Marion Lukes just might be added to that list. Who is Marion Lukes you ask? Well Lukes is a 5’11 180lbs Running Back who is set to graduate in 2020 from Charlestown High School in Charlestown, IN. He runs a 4.42 40-yard dash and is unstoppable on the football field.


Lukes is currently ranked #1 in the Nation for rushing yards according to the MaxPreps National Football Stat Leaders List. He is also the first person in the history of Charlestown to rush for over 2,000 yards which he says was one of his main goals coming into this season. He’s rushed for over 300 yards in a single game five times: 456 vs Clarksville, 346 vs North Harrison, 308 vs Scottsburg, 311 vs Salem and 330 vs. Eastern.


He’s only a Junior, but with schools like Cincinnati, Western Michigan and Purdue already on the sidelines…he’s in for a flying senior year.