Big Man Takeover College Tour is a Blast!

There are so many trainers these days that focus mainly on the skill positions. Of course you have many QB trainers, while others specialize in teaching receivers or defensive backs. What it doesn’t seem like there is a lot of is trainers who focus on the trench monsters.

That’s why you have to check one out when you hear about it. Then when you find one like Big Man Takeover that is operated by someone with the NFL experience of Dwight Johnson, you stick wit it for the long haul.

Big Man Takeover is the preeminent training facility for the big linemen! Dwight Johnson makes sure that every Big Man Takeover athlete is ready to handle his business on and off the field. This includes taking the guys on college tours! Check out what the crew has been up to so far this week and as always, hit up @playbookathlete for the latest:

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