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    Ocular Sports

    WHY I GRIND Ocular Sports is where athletes come to dominate the game. We don’t train you to get to the ball. We train you to beat the ball! Our specialized strategy to get athletes stronger and faster is like no other.  We are well equipped to mold your body into Read more [...]

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    Brad Arnett / NX Level Athletics

    NX Level Athletics offers sports performance training for male and female athletes, middle school through college, and professional athletes that choose sports as their career. We also train many adults who are looking for an alternative to the typical health club.  WHAT IS YOUR DREAM? More than 200 athletes who have Read more [...]

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    Total Athlete

    Total Athlete and Dwight Johnson Total Athlete is the vision of former NFL Defensive End Dwight Johnson. Over the course of his career playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, Johnson has developed personal and professional techniques in speed, agility, strength, and Read more [...]