To CLOSE or not to CLOSE…What do YOU think?

It’s  been a tough time for everyone during this COVID-19 crisis. It seems to be especially hard for athletes and those that have an active lifestyle. This week a Massachusetts gym defied state regulations and reopened. And what happened in return? According to the Boston Globe, a court order was put in to have its water and power cut.

David Blondin, owner of Prime Fitness & Nutrition in Oxford, believes and argues that his constitutional rights are being violated.

“People have the freedom to work out,” he told reporters. “People can do as they please. They can exercise. They can do as they want.”

There is a state order that prohibits gyms from opening until Phase 3 of a reopening plan, which reportedly can’t begin earlier than June 29.

Blondin took to the gym’s Face Book account to announce a peaceful protest to the closing of his establishment. He had this to say…

“This Saturday at 10 am, prime will be hosting a protest to fight for our freedom and train. As stated in the video, you must have a protest sign with you as your entry to the gym. This is open to ALL members and non members who want to fight, protest, and “train”. Let’s make this the biggest event Massachusetts and the fitness industry has seen ! See you all there!!”

So what do you think? Is the gym owner within his constitutional rights to stay open? What would you do in this situation?