Owen and Ava Lansu Have a Special Bond

Time to hug your brothers or sisters and let them know how much you appreciate them. This is the motto for “Siblings Day”. But this act is something twelve-year-old Owen Lansu does each and everyday.

There’s a special bond with siblings but add in the fact that the sibling just happens to be a twin, you tend to find a really intense bond.

Owen describes his twin sister Ava as the “best sister ever”. A pinned  statement on his twitter page reads “This is why I work. My twin sister who has special needs and suffers from epilepsy. The strongest person and my biggest fan.”

Owen plays quarterback for the Downers Grove Panthers and although there are plenty of fans in the stands, he says his sister Ava is the loudest cheerleader at the games. But when she isn’t jumping, yelling and cheering for her brother at one of his games, Ava loves to go bowling. So at least once a week they go down to the local alley with their custom made bowling balls. Bedtime stories are also an important part of their daily routines. “Before bed I will read some of her favorite books to her and let her push me off her bed,” Owen says. “She thinks it’s the best.”

So whether it’s taking a cool swim in the family pool or just shooting a little basketball in the yard, you can rest assure that Ava is always by Owen’s side.

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