Luke Grimm Impressive at The Opening Regional

There are many ways to become a better athlete and football player. Of course you have to hit the weight room hard, while also practicing hard to perfect your craft. Many of our Play Book Athletes use personal trainers to help them in these areas. A great way to become better and get your name out more is to compete at some of the different camps around the nation, whether it be college camps or other camps.

One Play Book Athlete that has done a good job of showcasing himself is 2020 WR Luke Grimm. This was definitely the case yesterday at one of the premier camps, The Opening St. Louis Regional. Not only did Grimm show up to compete against the best the area has to offer, he showed out against the best!

He tested as the 5th best WR/TE and had the 9th highest overall rating! That is VERY impressive Luke and congrats on a big day. Continue to follow Play Book Athlete for the latest on Luke and all of our other athletes.