Geron Hargon is Making it Happen in the Off Season

Catching with efficiency and light as air on his feet, there is nothing that Geron Hargon can’t handle on the field. And it is also hard to believe that this was only his freshman season as a TE and MLB at Captain Shreve High School in Shreveport, Louisiana.

With much growth to be gained, there is much to be seen in the development of Geron in attendance of “The Show” by NextGen, as well as many other satellite and regional FBU camps before the next official season. With even much more work toward growth and development as a powerful athlete, Geron will also be attendinf the Rivals Combine and possibly the Rivals Underclassman Camp and The Opening Regionals.

Geron, from what we see here at The Playbook Athlete it appears that there is nothing you are unable to learn in development of your athletic skills and likely extreme growth and development in life. Best of luck in coming out of all of those camps with incredible growth for next season!

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