Brin Hayden is Finishing Out the Season Strong

By Joyce Oscar
It always feels good to win a game…but how good does it feel to win nine in a row. The Resurrection Christian Cougars can answer that question for you. They’re currently 9-0 overall and 5-0 in their league. They’ve average 41 points brin-haydenper game and have cannoned their way into the playoffs. What a way for 2017 QB Brin Hayden to finish out his high school career.
    He was 9-years-old when he first picked up a football and played with serious effort. Although he has played linebacker as well as punter, Brin hopes to continue developing as a QB and play the position in college.
     He says the most challenging thing this season has been stepping up into a new division and winning. However, there doesn’t seem to be a big challenge or struggle when you look at the stats that he has posted so far. Brin has received three MaxPreps Offensive Player of the Game awards, two Overall Player of the Game awards, one Defensive Player of the Game award and one Special Teams Player of the Game award. What will be the icing on the cake for this determined young QB? Well, he says winning the state championship will be the ultimate accomplishment. And with the way they have been playing, Brin and his Cougar teammates are well on their way.

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