9-Year-Old Marco Macaluso lll Excited About Football Camp Season

2026 QB Marco Macaluso lll
 How early is too early to grind?  It’s never too soon if you ask 9-year-old Quarterback Marco Macaluso lll from Long Island,  New York.  Channeling a motivation that’s bigger than he is tall, and showcasing a commitment that’s second to none.  Marco is blazing a trail of his own as currently the Play Book’s youngest athlete. Looking to make a name for himself this season on the youth football camp circuit, young Marco couldn’t be more excited.
A symbol of what’s to come for a kid whose future is so bright, Marco caught up with one of his favorite athletes, NY Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. recently where he was able to share his dreams with the big guy!  With roughly 9 years until signing day, keep it locked to the Play Book Network for every game breaking play that Marco is sure to own over the years.