Start Strong…Finish Strong: Growing Up Enneking

by Joyce Oscar


Growing up with brothers and sisters can be a constant measuring stick throughout childhood. An older sibling and involved parents can mold a child’s interests and passions, so family members often gravitate toward the same craft. Take the Ennekings for instance. Brothers William (17), Jack (16) and Aidan (15) are knows as the Triple Towers and are all members of the Hamilton High School football team. Their parents Beth and Brad have always encouraged the boys to follow their own paths and have supported them every step of the way.  The boys say, their dad has always been the coach, and their mom has always been moral support.

The Enneking brothers started playing football together at the ages 6, 7 and 8 and were coached by their father. They enjoyed playing together back then and now that they’re all on the same team in high school their mother Beth is extra excited. “It’s really fun having all three out on the field,” Beth says. “My husband, Brad, is very supportive of the boys and has great conversations with them breaking down practice and games over dinner.” Their mother isn’t the only one that is excited about the boys being on the field together. We had a chance to speak with the Enneking brothers along with Beth to see what it has been like for them so far this season.

PB: Aidan, What has it been like being on the sidelines with your brothers in a high school game?

Aidan: My brothers and I have grown up playing sports and playing together. To be on the same team at the same time in high school is mind-blowing because we’ve all worked to get to this point and to be there at the same time is awesome.

Jack: I feel awesome being able to be on the varsity field with my brothers and I’m glad to know they’re at my side at school, at practice and on Friday nights.

PB: What about you William, what is it like having both of your brothers on the sidelines with you.

William: Knowing they’re there with me makes me happy because I get to experience my last year of high school football with them.

  l to r: William, Jack, Aidan

PB:  And you’re the oldest, have you felt a responsibility to help guide your brothers into being stronger players?

William: As the oldest brother, I’ve always had the goal of pushing my brothers to be better than I was. I feel a lot of pride for them when they succeed, so I do my best to help them get there. Because Aidan and I spend most of our practices together since we’re the same position, I really get to help him a lot. I give him pointers on what he can improve on and tricks I’ve learned about the position.

PB: I understand all three have trained and earned their black belts in Karate. In a family with such athleticism, is there much sibling rivalry?

Beth: There is fun sibling poking but the three of them really support and cheer one another on.  Aidan is William’s TE backup on Varsity.  Aidan teases and reminds William that he’s coming for his job, but Aidan is the first to greet William when he comes off the field and is his biggest sideline supporter.      

PB:  Aidan, you’re new to Varsity. What has been the most challenging thing for you and what has been the most exciting?

Aidan: The most challenging thing all year has been making the transition between JV and varsity. I had to learn new plays and rules in a week to be ready to play on varsity. The mental and physical challenge was great. The most exciting moment was getting a 12-yard reception late in the game on 4th down to keep my team in the game and we eventually won.

PB: William, this is your last year, what are your expectations for the rest of the season and what advice would you leave to your brothers?

William: I’m expecting my last year to be my best one. I really enjoy getting out there and competing and working hard. If my teammates and I all reach our potentials, I’m sure we’ll enjoy some success along the way too. The advice I want to leave for my brothers is something I would say to anyone going into their senior season. ‘This is your last year. You have at least 9 games left and the only person that can stop you from enjoying them is you. So work as hard as you can and enjoy it all.’

The Enneking motto is “Start strong, finish strong”, and her young men are doing just that. William plans on playing at the next level. So far he has seven offers that he is considering and has a few Ivy League schools that he is also interested in.  Although Jack is only a Junior, he will be graduating in June of 2019. His plan is to go to college in Germany and he would love to play in the German football league! Young Aidan says he would love to play in college and the possibility that he may one day play opposite his brothers would be mind-blowing and it would give him a chance to maybe beat up on them a little bit and show them what he’s really got.