Jonathan and Nicholas Alvarado: Bosco Prep’s Ironmen

by Joyce Oscar


We’ve heard many athletic team members refer to each other as brothers and sisters. It’s always great to have that family bond when you’re on the field, court or track. But it’s even better when you know you have that blood bond there with you.


Jonathan & Nicholas Alvarado

Jonathan Alvarado (5) Nicholas Alvarado (26)

Meet the Alvarado brothers. Both are members of the Don Bosco Prep Varsity football team located in Ramsey, NJ. Jonathan is a 6’1” 225 pound middle linebacker will be graduating in 2019. He bagan his football career when he was in 6th grade and has never let go of it. His goals for this season are to have a healthy season and contribute to a winning program.

Hitting the field around the same time while in 3rd grade is Jonathan’s younger brother Nicholas. He is 5’11”, 175 pounds and will graduate in 2022. Nicholas is amped up for this season because he is playing on the varsity team alongside his brother. He says the most exciting part of this year is having the opportunity to play as freshman against some of the country’s best teams and players.

When asked what advice he would leave with his younger brother, Jonathan says his advice would be to eat a very good diet and get strong to keep himself healthy. Although this is the only year they have to share a field together, they’re enjoying every minute of it. “It’s fun,” admits Jonathan when asked what it’s like having his brother on the sideline with him. “Watching him mature at the varsity level at a young age is fun to watch.”