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  • 2019 Jack Conley

    WHY I GRIND The reason I grind is very simple. I do it for my team and the sport in which I love. I would never want to let either down.  I grind for my future, the reason is because there is a slim chance of going to the NFL Read more [...]

  • 2021 Owen Arnett

    WHY I GRIND I Grind to be able to attend a college of my choice and receive a scholarship. I Grind to have good grades to have the ability to go to a good college. I Grind to have a chance to make it to the NFL and use that Read more [...]

  • 2022 Jayden Bellamy

    Why I Grind I grind because I want to be great and I’m trying to push myself to be like my dad     Tweets by jaydenknows_

  • 2021 Johnathan Hernandez

    WHY I GRIND   It is my passion… It has allowed me to become a better team player. Building my leadership skills and understand what It takes to become a servant leader. Demonstrating hard work, dedication and academic achievement is on my mind!!         Tweets by johnathanhdz

  • 2019 Caleb (CJ) James

    WHY I GRIND I plan to play football all 4 years in college, and to graduate with honors. I am always pushing myself on the field, in the weight room and in the class room. I desire to be the greatest I can be everyday. I am extremely coachable. I Read more [...]

  • 2019 Luke Hutchinson

    WHY I GRIND I Grind because I am a competitor and love to see all my hard work pay off. I play for God and do everything for his glory. I Grind for my family and to help set a good example for my younger brother and other kids who Read more [...]

  • 2022 Hunter Hill

    WHY I GRIND I grind because I want to be the very best I can be. and If not be the best, see what the best is and see what it takes to be the best, then train to be the best. I also grind so I can get a Read more [...]

  • 2022 Curtis Hill

    WHY I GRIND I grind to be the best I can be. I grind so I can benefit from a high level college education. I grind because I get opportunities that most can’t get, and I wont let that go to waste. I grind to be the best, and stay Read more [...]

  • 2022 Chandler Smith

    WHY I GRIND I grind because I don’t want to be a big fish in the pond. I want to be the big fish in the ocean swimming with the other big fish.         Tweets by cjavonsmith1

  • 2022 Jaeden Gould

    WHY I GRIND I grind because I want to be great. Not just at football but at everything I do in life. I grind because I want to be great not just an average player. I want to stand out and be the best at everything I do. And hard Read more [...]

  • 2022 Matt Moore

    WHY I GRIND I grind because God has blessed me with the ability to play. I grind for the younger boys watching and looking up to me. I grind for my fallen friends. #flyhighELI #KGstrong I grind to prove to myself that I can keep getting better and stronger every Read more [...]

  • 2020 Jalen Kimber

    WHY I GRIND I Grind because of my parents and my grandmother. Before my grandmother passed she asked me to get her out of the hood and since then that has been my motivation to my grind. I grind because of my DB Trainer Clay Mack,  he pushes me to Read more [...]

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