Hayden Conner: What An Offer Means To Me

Steve & Hayden Conner

Offer – an expression of readiness to do or give something if desired.  For 2021 Left Tackle, Hayden Connor of Katy Texas, an “offer” is a ticket to space.  Lighting up the recruiting boards of major programs here on earth, Connor has set his sights on another galaxy to leave his mark as an Aerospace Engineer.  With 17 offers on his night stand, Connor remembers his first, and the significance of each one since then.  Carried by a support group not common to all athletes, Hayden’s dad Steve relishes at the opportunity his son has to leapfrog a generation as the offers continue to roll in.

An offer for Hayden is more than just a piece of paper with ink.  It is in fact an opportunity for him to chase his dreams both on and off the field.  A “Play Book Athlete” since the 6th grade, Hayden has been positioning himself for this time from an early age.  Follow Hayden’s journey to space here on the Play Book Network.  Find out first hand what it takes to get and maintain an offer.  Peel back the layers and see exactly what an offer means!