Derrick Tatum Ready For His 6th Annual Elite GA Showcase

Doing What I Have Always Done

As the Founder and CEO of Elite Talent Football Academy, Derrick Tatum runs a tight ship, while refusing to remove himself from the grassroots part of the business.  Handing out flyers and pounding the pavement, Derrick speaks directly to the athletes sharing with them the importance of attending the Elite GA Showcase”.

With the end zone of the Georgia State University Stadium as the backdrop, Tatum shared the success story of “Elite Talent”; a program geared towards making a difference in the lives of young student athletes.  Set apart as a showcase that develops athletes on and off the field, Tatum’s passion for helping athletes achieve their athletic goals starts with Elite GA Showcase.

If you’re an athlete looking to compete against the top talent while maximizing your exposure in the football world, then you need to find yourself at this camp on 2/10/19!

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