Furey Signs With Utah

We’re proud of all of our Play Book Athletes and their accomplishments on and off of the field. We are especially proud when one of our guys gets the opportunity to continue his education by playing ball at the next level. Hayden Furey has always had a dream of playing college football and now that will happen at the highest level!

Furey signed with the Utah Utes last Wednesday and is excited to get to Salt Lake City!!! Check out what he had to say about his special day:

“Playing college football has been a goal of mine since I started playing football in the 2nd grade. There were times where I didn’t get pulled up. There were times where it was hard. There were times where I thought I may not be good enough. But I knew what I wanted. I worked hard. I never passed up opportunities to get better. I didn’t get discouraged. I have loved it all. I have the best memories of my time, coaches and teammates through the years. I love that about team sports.”

“I have a lot of work to do to continue to earn my spot on the field. I’m ready. I am so thankful to to get this amazing opportunity to be a part of an incredible Pac 12 team, learning from the best of the best. The coaches I have met are amazing. I am so excited to meet my new teammates and be a part of the Ute Family!”

Join us in following Hayden on his journey at Utah!