Social Media + Content = EXPOSURE


Getting the Most from your Social Media Accounts

by Joyce Oscar


Twitter is an amazing marketing and sales tool. Its role in helping things like music and pictures go viral as well as political messages get spread is proof of its power of influence. So if it works for politics and helps increase the latest Drake album sales…can it work for athletes? The answer to that questions is…YES IT CAN.

Exposure is key to success on Twitter’s platform. No matter how many recruiting lists your name is on, the final score on the scoreboard will come from a college coach being able to see your skills and talents from the comfort of his office, home or vehicle. 

But just like anything else…there are a few simple tips to ensure you are taking advantage of this social media platform.

  1. Post great content
  2. Follow other users
  3. Be aware of the dues and don’ts
  4. Stay engaged with others
  5. Make sure your Bio area is complete
  6. Get creative with visuals
  7. Write a professional bio
  8. Use hashtags
  9. Make sure your content is shareable
  10. Retweet other people’s content
  11. Stay active

So there you have it. Every time you share content that stands out, you’re building a larger audience that will yield great rewards and is well worth the continued effort.  


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