Parker is Back in the Action

Robert Parker’s Return to the Field after Injury


In the world of athletic recruiting, timing is everything. There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into evaluating, offering and signing a high school prospect and an injury can easily end a college athletic dream. This was the case of senior Robert Parker who suffered a knee injury during the Pensacola Catholic Crusaders’ Green and Gold preseason scrimmage. This is an injury which he said came close to damaging his ACL and ending his high school football career. Fortunately that wasn’t the case. Parker had suffered a tear in his MCL but would eventually make a full recovery.

Over the past 8 weeks the 6’4”, 310 pound lineman diligently went to his physical therapy sessions, never stopped going to practice and never stopped believing that he would make it back to the field.  In his first full game after being back from injury, senior lineman Robert Parker said that it felt great! “I missed seven games,” stated Parker. “And it felt great to be back in the trenches.” He says his mentality centered around the fact that he needed film to show coaches. “There was no time to go half speed and get into it again. I had to go full speed out of the gate.”

What a great way to come back. The Crusaders pulled out a 41-22 victory against  Northview.  With a couple more games to go before playoffs, Parker and the Crusaders are motivated and feeling confident that they will berth a spot.