Have You Gotten Yours?

Although the school start date may still be undecided for some areas, many young athletes will start preseason practices for fall sports. Prior to the start of preseason, all young athletes should have a pre-participation physical examination or sports physical to ensure they are healthy and ready to return to sports.

The sports physical is similar to a normal well-visit to your doctor. Here is what you can expect:

  • Detailed overview of past medical and family history
  • Height, weight and blood pressure measurement
  • Head, eyes, ears, neck and throat exam
  • Heart and lungs, abdominal region exam
  • An assessment of strength and flexibility
  • An examination of any previous injuries

After the exam, if the physician feels that the athlete is healthy and it is safe for him/her to participate, a clearance form will be completed that should be returned to the school by the athlete. If there is a need for further evaluation and other medical tests, arrangements will be made before they are cleared to play.