Chris Giles Knows What Being a STUDENT-Athlete is All About

Football is the greatest sport in the world to many of us here at Play Book Athlete. The memories you make and the lessons you learn last a lifetime. You develop relationships with teammates and coaches that go beyond football and also last a lifetime. There’s just nothing like those Friday nights when the lights come on and it’s time to get it on in between those white lines!

We also realize that football is to be used as an outlet for something even better……………….a free education! Ask any former player or coach that you know and they will tell you that football ends for everyone one day.

There are a very small percentage of players that have the abilities to make millions off of the game in the NFL and set themselves and their families up for life, but that is a very small percentage. The reality is a much greater percentage will move on from football sooner than that, whether it be from injury, college eligibility running out, or many other factors.

That’s why understanding what it takes to be a STUDENT-athlete is the most important thing any football player needs to understand right now. Yes, chase your dreams by all means. Work hard every single day to become to best football player you can be…………………but also work hard every single day to become the best STUDENT you can be.

This is exactly what one of our newest Play Book Athletes is doing! Chris Giles recently took the SAT for the first time and came back with a great score. Giles is a hard worker on the field, but he is a responsible student also. You best believe he is using his God given talents to become the best football player he can be and will be using that as an opportunity to get a free education.

Congrats Mr. Giles on this big accomplishment! We look forward to seeing what else you do in the future! Continue to follow @playbookathlete for the latest on Chris and all of our other STUDENT-Athletes: