Character: University Of Illinois Head Football Coach Lovie Smith

Your Character Makes A Difference

“After a period of time, who you are really comes out”. Those are the words of current University Of Illinois Head Coach, Lovie Smith; describing the value of character in today’s athlete. Presented with the top talent from around the nation, Coach Smith aggressively peels back the first layer to learn more about who an athlete really is, in order to gauge what the athlete will become. Whether it’s their posts on social media, or their behavior in the community, there are many opportunities for an athlete to tell you who they truly are. These situations blend together and either become benefactors in pursuing an athlete, or detractors for passing him by. Would you really throw away your future for 280 characters on Twitter? Is it smart to give up your dreams just for a few “likes” or “follows”? It’s your story….what does it say about you? 

Keep Grinding this season and remember, character counts!