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  • 2025 Jakeenan Watson

    got off 3 tackles to get the sack🖤#Classof2025 — Jakeenan Watson (@JakeenanW) May 12, 2021 another sack🖤, 2nd angle coming next — Jakeenan Watson (@JakeenanW) May 12, 2021 Tweets by JakeenanW

  • 2022 Denino Lane

    I had good day at the west Moore 7v7 tournament 2 tds 9 catches @PlayBookAthlete @troof10 @Carson_Horton8 @EthanBarnes_7 — Denino Lane II (@nino24195794) June 14, 2021 Tweets by nino24195794

  • 2026 Wesley Winn

    Join @USNFT Get Coached Up and Get Better. Bless 🇺🇸#USALLIN @AlPopsUSAFB @CoachJayHad @CoachTenner @CoachAI @USAFootball @coachwes_23 @DemetricDWarren @GoldFeet_Jr @GoldFeetFormula @PlayBookAthlete @KTPrepElite @WillStallingsJ1 @GMTMSports — Wesley Winn (@imwinnin8) May 3, 2021 Tweets by imwinnin8

  • 2025 Picasso Ruiz

    4 months ago I had people telling me I should try out playing quarterback so I started my journey in January. I started training with the coaches @ThrowItDeep and eventually I got a hang of the position. Today I had my first real drive at quarterback, and it's only the Read more [...]

  • 2030 Jabril Perry

    Thank you @QBUniverseCamp for the challenge‼️ Met some new friends and did some awesome networking. What an experience‼️‼️🔥Check out these highlights @QBHitList @ChrisHixsonQB @LSUfootball @PlayBookAthlete @TColston6 @Elite11 @coachDavidWhite #coachmil @BALLERSCHOICE1 — Jabril Perry (@JabrilPerry) April 19, 2021 Tweets by JabrilPerry

  • 2026 Noel Butler

    #WHYIGRIND News WHY I GRIND Watch our 2026 @nolimit_noel this summer on our new Digital Platform… PLAYBOOK LIFE TV@TABrooks05 @AuthorPABrook @1coachbutler @FBUcamp @ErikRichardsUSA @UKFootball BUILD YOUR BRAND- JOIN NOW! — PLAYBOOK ATHLETE (@PlayBookAthlete) April 27, 2021 Tweets by nolimit_noel

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