All Long Snappers

  • 2018 Nathaniel S. Dirkes

    WHY I GRIND I come to each practice to work and improve every day. Even if it takes multiple tries to get down a coaching point, I will try my best to implement them into practice and games. I am a stubborn worker with multiple skills on the field — blocking, tackling, receiving, Read more [...]

  • 2018 Jarrett W. Key

    WHY I GRIND I am interested in becoming a college recruit to continue to play football at the Long snapping position while obtaining a valuable, lifelong education. My experiences at this position along with attendance at camps/conferences give me an advantage at excelling in the sport. I am currently ranked #9th in the Read more [...]

  • 2018 Kreggor Clark

    WHY I GRIND I grind to prove to all the people that have doubted me, that they are wrong. All the doubt feeds the fire (which is my grind). I want to be the best athlete I can possibly be and help my team no matter what it takes. My Read more [...]

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