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  • Elite Talent Football Academy

    Hello, I am Derrick Tatum head of Elite Talent Football Academy. We are a company here to help mold athletes and make them become better men in the community. I’ve had the privilege of playing for the Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks in the NFL. I earned a four year Read more [...]

  • 2022 Luke Burrell

    Back at it‼️💪Repping 360+ lbs on the leg press…#nodaysoff #ALLIN — Luke Burrell (@lukeburrell_) June 6, 2018 Tweets by lukeburrell_

  • 2022 Easton Black

    WHY I GRIND I’m a multi sport athlete (football, volleyball, soccer, golf, and basketball) but my passion is football and volleyball. In my younger years I spent a lot of time on the soccer field but after I entered a kicking competition for the Arizona Cardinals in 6th grade and Read more [...]

  • 2018 Sam Smart

    WHY I GRIND My name is Samuel Smart I’m a Junior at Sheridan High School in Sheridan, Wyoming.  Everyday I strive to become the very best man that I can be,  both on and off the field. I grind for the big games and shining moments. For the moments when Read more [...]

  • 2018 Colin Dempster

    WHY I GRIND Moving from Florida to Kentucky the 7th grade influenced me, as it showed me that big changes are not difficult if viewed with the right mindset. This helped with the change from only having a half season of JV kicking experience my sophomore year, to becoming the Read more [...]

  • 2018 Davis Baldwin

    WHY I GRIND I want to further both my athletic career but also, and more importantly, I seek to further my academic career to further my education. I am capable of anything I set my mind to. I am very coachable, and listen very well. I respect others and encourage Read more [...]

  • 2018 McKay Taylor

    WHY I GRIND I have one main goal…success. In order to be the best, I have to work hard every day. Taking a day off means I become a day behind everyone else. If I fall or fail, I use that experience to push me forward and build the character Read more [...]

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