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  • 2025 Judah Knight

    WHY I GRIND I grind because I’m determined and ambitious enough to never quit! Check out my 2020 8th Grade highlights‼️c/o 2025 Dacula Falcons #justgettingstarted #upfromhere #defensiveback @DaculaFB @CoachE19141 @CoachCRoberts @Coach_JPill @TWithJay @PlayBookAthlete @NextGenAACamp @EdOBrienCFB @Alex_B2C @BigFaceSportss @RecruitGeorgia — Judah Knight (@JudahKnight1) November 9, 2020 Tweets by JudahKnight1

  • 2025 Jayson Diaz

    Some of the highlights from Sunday’s championship game 31-7 ⁦@PlayBookAthlete⁩ ⁦@DeafQBCoach⁩ ⁦@SpotlightQb⁩ ⁦@44_Matakevich⁩ ⁦@TColston6⁩ ⁦@WickFootball_20⁩ ⁦@TaftFootballCT⁩ ⁦@coachphipps_16⁩ ⁦@AllAmericaGame⁩ ⁦⁦⁦⁦ — Jayson Diaz (@jaysondiaz07) November 11, 2020 Tweets by jaysondiaz07

  • 2025 Steven Pierce

    @OhioStateFB @MSU_Football @BadgerFootball @BadgerFootball @OU_Football @sportsthread @GridIronAccess1 @espn @RFootball @UMichFootball @UCF_Football @LSUfootball — @Steven Pierce (@stevenpierce_20) October 5, 2020 Tweets by stevenpierce_20

  • 2025 Mekhi Moore

    For the love of football! @CoachEarl_ @NextGenAACamp @RecruitGeorgia @ParkviewFB @QBHitList @HustleInc7v7 @CoachMalone_31 @EdOBrienCFB — Mekhi Moore (@mekhiMoore18) October 9, 2020 Tweets by mekhiMoore18

  • 2025 Dylan Lewis

    Wørk💯 @Milton_AD1 @MiltonEagles_FB @CoachCarlVice @coachconnell85 @therealkwat @BradZettler @2025_FB_Eagles @LonnieEstes @FTumminia @robinson_ramon @borntocompete @coachmcgowens18 @SC_DBGROUP @DLInstructor91 @TWithJay @TEwracademy @RecruitGeorgia — Dylan Lewis (@DylanlLewis) June 7, 2020 Tweets by DylanlLewis

  • 2025 Chase Coleson

    Put some work in today💯 #alwaysgrinding ⁦@PlayBookAthlete⁩ ⁦@AlabamaFTBL⁩ ⁦@Taz_Football⁩ — Chase Noel (@Noel_Coleson) July 8, 2020 Tweets by Noel_Coleson

  • 2025 CJ Kelley

    @CJKelley2025 had a blast getting better — Joseph Kelley (@jokell75) March 3, 2020 Tweets by CJKelley2025