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  • 2023 Hayden Clark

    WHY I GRIND I’m always grinding on the Field and in the classroom. I’m working to be the best QB I can be. Tweets by HaydenClarkQB

  • 2023 Carl L. Allen

    WHY I GRIND My favorite subject in school in science. I hope to go to a school that has a great science program because I want to become a zoologist when my pro football career is over. So far I have had great success in football. My coaches say my Read more [...]

  • 2023 Noa Kaho’onei

    WHY I GRIND It’s never too early to start GRINDING and no one knows this better than 2023 QB Noa Kaho’onei from Mountain House California. Determined to make a name for himself as a rising quarterback, this talented athlete is coming to compete. Continue to follow Noa on the Play Book Read more [...]

  • 2023 Trey Burnett

    WHY I GRIND I grind because I want to keep improving my football skills so that I can become the Best player I can be. I grind because I want to continue to keep my grades up and be a great leader and role model on and off the field. Read more [...]

  • 2023 Quincy A. Downing

    WHY I GRIND My name is Quincy Downing and Im a 7th Grade Lineman. I am in AVID a College Prep Program and I take honors classes. I like doing my best in school and I also love getting better at football everyday. My Team, the North Cobb Junior Football Read more [...]

  • 2023 Tony Mitchell

    WHY I GRIND I Grind because that’s what I was born to do. I grind because I want to make my family proud. I grind because I love the game. I grind because this is what I do! 2017 Season Highlights

  • 2023 Joenel Aguero

    WHY I GRIND I want to become a better athlete so I can become a profesional Sports player. On top of that I would like keep my good grades up to A’s and B’s. What makes me a good candidate for their team is my leadership- coachability-hard work-good sportsmanship- and Read more [...]

  • 2023 Carson A. Green

    WHY I GRIND I have been playing football since I was four years old.  Since I first stepped on the filed, I have aspired to play at the collegiate level.  I know playing in college is a once in a lifetime opportunity that could change my whole life. I am Read more [...]

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