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  • 2021 Dre Smallwood

    WHY I GRIND I grind first because I want to glorify God with my talent that he’s given me to showcase! I love everything about this game and how it continues to mold me and other young men through adversity to be better men. Secondly, I grind to make my Read more [...]

  • 2021 Jamal Peterson

    WHY I GRIND My name is Jamal Quin’tez Peterson and I would like to tell you what makes me different. I feel my dedication, passion, and leadership skills set me apart from other candidates.  Most people play football for fun but to me it’s much more it’s a lifestyle and Read more [...]

  • 2021 DJ Jackson

    WHY I GRIND I grind for my family and the love of the game. My parents have put me in a position to face top talent and get top training at team 3 and x pro since my 8th grade year. I’m at a top school, Cedar Grove, chasing perfection Read more [...]

  • 2021 Zhane Chinn

    WHY I GRIND I grind because the road to success requires dedication, mental toughness and self motivation. @ZhanePC — Patrick Zhane Chinn (@ZhanePC) October 21, 2017 Tweets by ZhanePC

  • 2021 Preston Staubus

    WHY I GRIND I have dreamed of playing collage football for the Florida Gators since I was 3 years old. I am willing to work as hard as it takes to make my goal of playing in college come true. Tweets by Preston_Staubus

  • 2021 Hall Edmonds

    WHY I GRIND I grind because I love this game. I grind in practice to be the best athlete and teammate I can be. Each day brings new challenges that my teammates and I use to push one another to make ourselves better. I grind in the weight room so Read more [...]

  • 2021 Mekhi Mews

    Why I Grind Accolades – GFL Champ, B2C State Champ, D1 Spects All American Champ, FBU Top Gun, 2x Diamond All American Invitee Tweets by mekhi_mews_21

  • 2021 Christian Alcantar

    WHY I GRIND God has blessed me with a gift and to waste that gift would be wrong. I grind hard so when I step on that field I’m the best there is. I work hard to make my parents, and all that love me and support me proud. 2017 Read more [...]

  • 2021 Travion Ford

    WHY I GRIND I grind because of my great love for the sport of football. I eat, sleep, and breathe football. I’m a Freshman who started on varsity offense and defense. I was awarded 1st team conference for defense DE. I led my team in assist tackles. I broke the Read more [...]

  • 2021 RJ Spivey

    WHY I GRIND I grind so I can prove people wrong,and so I can destroy any O-line that comes to me and any DB that goes against me.  Like the great Terrell Owens once said “I know y’all don’t wanna see me shine but I’m gonna shine anyway ’cause I Read more [...]

  • 2021 Noah J. Richardson

    WHY I GRIND I’m Noah Richardson and I’m a freshman at Arcadia High School in Phoenix, Arizona.  I love football and have been playing for over 7 years with lots of coaching and experience on the field. I have played every position on the field which has helped me gain Read more [...]

  • 2021 Donovan B. Caswell

    WHY I GRIND My collegiate goals are to play for a school who appreciates their players hard work but pushes them to be better athletes and men on and off the field. I’d like to play for a college who strives at making better men, mentally and physically. Who’s coaches Read more [...]

  • 2021 Anthony Raynor

    WHY I GRIND I wanna be the first one in my family to make the league. Many of my family members had the chance but messed it up. I wondered how these young men mess up their football career? HIGHLIGHTS Tweets by AnthonyRaynor10

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