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  • 2021 Reed Gautreaux

    WHY I GRIND “A very young prospect that shows a lot of promise with his length, athleticism, and ball skills. Plays aggressive and has a solid physical presence for his age. Has good upside and potential with added strength, training speed work, and focus on fundamentals/technique. ” 9/11/17 HUDL HIGHLIGHTS Read more [...]

  • 2021 JoJo Earle

    Why I Grind I Grind because that’s all I know how to do to be great at what I do.       Tweets by AledoJoJo_2021

  • 2021 Tyjayzeon Bell

    Why I Grind   I grind because I have big dreams in life and I know they aren’t just gonna happen. It takes hard work and more, so I choose to grind because I know that’s what it takes.     Tweets by TyjayzeonBell

  • 2021 Brock Lasure

    WHY I GRIND I grind to win. I grind to exceed and surpass the expectations that my coaches tell me and I grind to be a leader for my football team and lead us to victory.     Trucked!! ???????Can’t wait to do some more of this. @PlayBookAthlete #playbook21 Read more [...]

  • 2021 Andrew Lugo

    Coming from a small hide away city, doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t show off your talent. To do something for my city would be a total blessing from god and above. I wanna show what I can do. I will work my tail off to do what ever it takes Read more [...]

  • 2021 Ayden Bartko

      WHY I GRIND I have been playing football since I was nine years old, beginning with flag football.  Since I first became serious about the sport, I have worked on becoming more proficient and in improving my athletic abilities to achieve my goal of playing quarterback at the collegiate Read more [...]

  • 2021 Tyke Hepner

    WHY I GRIND I grind for the love of football. I love the uniforms. I love stepping on the field. I love the crowd on game day. I love the work, I love the pain, I love the players. I grind for the relationships I have with my coaches and Read more [...]

  • 2021 Gabriel Rubio

      WHY I GRIND My ultimate goal is to be the best player that I can be.  I know that’s a pretty general statement, but it’s the only way that I can describe my goals.  I WILL WORK TO BE THE BEST STUDENT/ATHLETE THAT I CAN BE!  I am relentless Read more [...]

  • 2021 Sam Lopeman

        WHY I GRIND                    I am a freshman this year in high school. My bench press is 125 and my squat 205. I am undecided in my field of study but I am determined to get a 4 year degree at a quality university. This opportunity will Read more [...]

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